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Contribute to the legacy of the Canada Games!

The Canada Games have been a valuable part of Canadian sports culture since 1967. Have you experienced the Games in your lifetime? We are calling on the public to share memories, artifacts, photos, and any other ephemera related to the Canada Summer Games OR the Canada Winter Games that are meaningful to you, and to please tell us why they are significant. There is no right or wrong here, we simply wish to collect people’s memories and thoughts on the history of the Canada Games. We are especially interested in people’s direct experiences as volunteers, athletes, coaches, or organizers of past Games.

Some examples of contributions include:
– a photo of a medal you won as an athlete in the Games
– a photo of a commemorative jacket, pen, or baseball cap from the time your town hosted the Games
– copies of notes you took as a coach or mentor at the Games
– a newspaper clipping about the Games
– a page in your journal regarding watching the Games on television, or seeing them in real life
– a video clip of your family member or friend competing at the Games
– a photo of yourself and other volunteers working together at the Games
– a pamphlet or flier advertising the upcoming Games
– a blog post about your experience with the Games as an athlete, volunteer, coach, manager, spectator, or other
– a few written sentences describing a distinct memory or funny moment you experienced in connection with the Games. No memory is too small! 

The Canada Games Collection is part of the Sport Oral History Archive (SOHA) at Brock University – a digital, fully accessible, interactive archive that will be available to the public starting in January, 2021.

The Canada Games Collection will assist researchers and students at Brock University build Threads Through Time, a digital museum exhibit to be launched in May 2021 in the lead-up to the Canada Summer Games, hosted in our very own Niagara Region in August 2022. You can read more about this public history project here. As historians, our aim in gathering this data is to better understand the impact of the Canada Games on people and host communities across the nation, and to share our findings with the public.

Contribute to the Collection

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