Dr. Elizabeth Vlossak

Professor of History Elizabeth Vlossak is passionate about connecting local history to global movements. She teaches courses on 20th-century Europe and focuses on topics of totalitarianism, Weimar and Nazi Germany, the cultural history of war and how the past is remembered. Vlossak developed the idea of creating a home for sports-related oral histories through talks with members of the Canada Games Council, and hopes the SOHA can become a valuable resource for future researchers and the public.

Dr. Julie Stevens

Professor of Sport Management at Brock University, Julie Stevens believes in the power of oral history to showcase the important events, personal experiences and memories of Canadian athletes. Stevens has experienced the Canada Games from a variety of angles since 1999. A women’s hockey coach, academic researcher and observer, Stevens provides insight into the history of the Canada Games as well as its current situation in her role as Special Advisor to the President for the Niagara 2022 Canada Games.

Jessica Linzel

As a new MA graduate from Brock’s History program, Jessica Linzel’s job on the SOHA team is to build the digital collections by gathering material from individuals and institutions across Canada. Connecting with Canadian athletes, coaches, volunteers and event organizers, she coordinates oral history interviews and collects personal photographs and documents that showcase these histories from multiple perspectives.

Stephen Lourenco

A third-year Business Administration Co-op student (BBA Co-op), Stephen Lourenco is the Digital Collection and Archive Management Assistant on the SOHA team. He focuses on digitizing content for public viewing, extending our brands reach, and managing communications. To the team he bring skills in communication, business development and strategic planning that will help shape the future of SOHA.

Adam Williamson

Adam Williamson is a fourth year History Co-op student (BA Co-op). He is the Project Lead for the Niagara-on-the-Lake Tennis Club Collection where his roles include reaching out to members and associates of the NOTL Tennis Club, conducting and recording their interviews. He brings to the SOHA team a passion for history, as well as research and interpersonal skills.

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